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Stoppages on the Main Canal of the New Main Line (BCN)

A map of the Main Canal of the New Main Line (BCN)

The map displays a range of services available on the Main Canal of the New Main Line (BCN). Simply click the box next to any service being displayed in the Map Key on the left of your screen.

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A brief history of the Main Canal of the New Main Line (BCN)

Canal Details
Canal length : 9.1 miles
Locks : 6
Boat Length : 70ft
Height : 6ft 6ins
Width : 7ft 1ins

The main canal of the BCN New Main Line runs from the centre of Birmingham to the locks at Tipton. The new canal was cut to overcome the congestion on the Old Main Line. The Old Main Line meandered through Birmingham and only had one towpath. Consequently when 2 boats, travelling in opposite directions, met they had to negotiate both their horses and ropes. In addition to these problems, there were a series of locks at the Smethwick Summit which added to congestion.

In 1824 Thomas Telford was asked to produce proposals to overcome these issues. His solution was to build a new, wider canal with 2 towpaths from the centre of Birmingham to Tipton. The canal was built on a single level and had no locks until it reached Tipton where 3 locks connected the new canal to the Old Main Line.

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