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Stoppages on the Dudley Canal 1 & 2

A map of the Dudley Canal 1 & 2

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A brief history of the Dudley Canal 1 & 2

Canal Details
Canal length : 9.7 miles
Locks : 12
Boat Length : 70ft
Height : 7ft 5ins
Width : 7ft 4ins
Draught : 4ft 4ins

The canal was built to transport coal from the Dudley coalfields to the glass manufacturers around Stourbridge.The Stourbridge and Dudley canals were originally proposed in 1775 as a single canal but met fierce oppostion from the Birminham Canals. Although largely complete by 1779, it was not finished until 1781.

The canal provides a link between the Dudly Canal and the Staffs and Worcester Canal and consequently is linked through to the River Severn.

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