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Stoppages on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

A map of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

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A brief history of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Canal Details
Canal length : 16.3 miles
Locks : 2
Width : 86ft 6ins
Draught : 18ft ins

The Gloucester & Sharpness canal runs from Sharpness which is on the tidal reaches of the River Severn, to Gloucester where it joins the Severn Navigation Canal. The route provides a constantly navigable connection between Gloucester and the upper navigable section of the River Severn, avoiding areas such as the dangerous bend near Arlingham.

The canal was originally renowned as being the broadest and deepest canal in the world.

The original paln was concieved in the late 18th century, an Act of Parliament was passed in 1793 authorising the raising of £200k. However the project soon ran into financial difficulties. The project vertually stopped for almost 20 years but was restarted in 1817 and finally completed in 1827. The final cost of the canal was £440k. The canal was 26m wide, 5.5m deep allowing ships of up to 600 tons to navigaite the canal.

There are some very interesting videos on the Cotswold Canal Trust's YouTube Channel.

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